Health blogs that accept guest post article submissions

Health Blogs That Accept Guest Article Submissions

Looking for top health blogs that accept guest post articles?

You’ve come to the right place. We have lots of options for you!

Health blog submissions

The health blogs that have registered on Contento are wanting high-quality article submissions from reputable brands like yours.

If you’re serious about getting your articles published with top health blogs then you should seriously consider using Contento.

Contento is a web-app that allows you to offer your guest articles directly to top health blogs. It cuts out the whole out-reach process, saving you hours of time, and it won’t cost anything more than going direct. So it’s win win win for you.

Most media, including health blogs, are inundated with low-level, spammy, guest posting requests. This makes it super hard for real brands to get article placement. This is why we created Contento.

What health blogs want when accepting guest posts

Most health-related blogs focus on fact-based articles, as well as opinion articles, recipes, and exercise articles. If you’re stating some specific findings or facts in your guest post, then the blog editor will most likely require your sources. Remember to add these in your articles.

Opinion pieces are much harder to get posted if you don’t have a reputable name or brand to add klout to your views.

Recipes and exercise based articles can be great value-adding pieces. Just make sure you’re including plenty of photos to explain each step of the process.

Submit your articles to health blogs

Contento makes media placement and guest posting for any industry, including health, really simple. You can get your guest articles placed with health blogs within minutes and at a very affordable rate.

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