How to help your clients with Blogger Outreach?

How to help your clients with Blogger Outreach?

by Ray August. 25, 18 3 Comments

Are you looking for ways to grow traffic, get quality backlinks, and go on top of the target audience? Blogger outreach is the ideal approach that can help boost your SEO. Here, we will tell you all about blogger outreach, and how it is can help you boost your business. The guide will give you a perfect plan and give you the right shortcuts and help you run outreach campaigns.

What Is Blogger Outreach?

At first, you need to know the basics of blogger outreach. It is a process of identifying influencers and if you can benefit by making a relationship with them. You can leverage a relationship to get an audience with the help of guest blogging. It helps you get a link back from another person’s site. You can grow the audience, increase engagement, make people spread about your website, and more. Blogger outreach is a step ahead than just communicating with an influencer. Know all about it below!

How can the process of blogger outreach help you?

Suppose you are working with a team of bloggers and ensure the best demographics of your client’s products and services. You will come up with questions like – “why is it good to work with bloggers?” The answer is simple – they market you to people and make them aware of you. It is more like word-of-mouth marketing but in digital terms. Outreach helps tap influencers reach communities and get right niche of people to talk about business and how it impacts a product or service. It also reflects the consumer’s buying attitude. You have to be a smooth talker to convince a client to go ahead with blogger outreach. Many people are still unaware of the benefits it offers.

  1. You need bloggers that are influencers

An indirect gain of having a blog with traffic is that you influence people. Suppose you started a blog only to tell people about a particular niche. When your blog kicks off, you actually influence a lot of people with what you write. People with more than average reach have an impact on the marketplace. Influencers can be anyone from the girl-next-door to a celebrity. As per reports, 86% of influencers have a personal blog and 88% of influencers write their own blog. When consumers want to know more about the products they purchase or want to purchase, 61% of them search online. Almost 31% of shoppers online take ideas from blogs, vlogs, and so on.

  1. You need a blogger partnership

Blogger partnership is either earned or paid. Earned media helps gain free coverage through promotional efforts and differs from advertising. When you apply this to blogger outreach, it means bloggers promote your client without paid sponsorship charges or post fees. There is no guarantee that links can generate a ranking. This form of outreach reflects a type of PR.

The paid media is when you want a blogger to be a brand ambassador and pay for the posts they publish. They charge money for such appearances.  Google and Bing have no part to play in such algorithms until people try to trick their way through it. The method helps you reach out to people depending on how much the influencer reaches out to people.

There are different types of campaigns laid down by influencers. One of the best and attractive platforms for such marketing is Instagram. It has a smart way of conveying short and crisp content with images or videos. You might have come across terms like ‘paid partnership with…’ when an influencer shares a post. It is also a way of outreach and is gaining popularity day by day.

  1. How to help clients with blogger outreach

Two aspects that disappoint influencers when there is are unsuccessful brand partnerships is the expectation of too much time and irrelevant pitches. One thing that really lacks in branded partnerships is relevancy to the blog or audience. For example, if you talk about a technological gadget in a beauty blog, it will leave less impact on people compared to a technical blog.

If you have clients and you need to help them sort out their blogger outreach, you need to have these basics cleared. If you need blogger outreach for your website or product/service, you need to know how to approach.

You have to figure which influencers or high-ranking blogs can help promote what you do. You need to contact them and know if they allow you to post in them. You then need to frame content and come into a partnership with the blogger. To effectively ace blogger outreach, you need tools, strategies, and a systematic approach. We will help you get there too, so keep reading ahead!

What is the systematic approach to blogger outreach?

If you are planning to incorporate blogger outreach, you need to know how to work at it like a pro. The following points will help you frame out the correct way to do so:

  1. Plan your endgame

You need to think why you want to go ahead with blogger outreach or what you want in return. Do you want a share? Is it because of a link? Is it a guest post? You need to address your aim in order to take the next steps that come along. You might want to build new relationships or connections, but you need to know your target.

  1. Make a hit-list

Figure out who you want to target. For example, if you own a blog about fitness or you sell protein shakes, you need to contact fitness enthusiasts. They will help you, promote you, and also get you relate-able audience.

  1. Get on their radar

You can’t expect to cold pitch and get a response. People need to know who you are, what you do, and examine your genuineness. You might interact with them by sharing their content or comment on their post. Social media is the freest and easiest form of communication right now.

  1. Know the people you’d approach

Try to know as much as you can about the people you will approach. You need to know their hobbies, send them personalized emails, learn about them, and more. You will get many ideas from their social media profiles and also examine their popularity depending on the news.

  1. Help them get better

If you help the influencers in any way you can, they will be there to help you back when you need. For example, backlinks are a nice way to promote people or websites or blogs. Suppose you found an error on their blog and quickly reported it for a change. Following their advice might also make them feel important.

  1. Ask for help

After you have crossed all these phases, you need to get to what you want. You also need to know how to ask for it. Most people do it through mail outreach. Nowadays you can also use social media as a platform for communication.

  1. Keep in touch

If you think you are getting in touch with an influencer for a one-time thing, it will be more like using them. You need to keep in touch with the people who can build you and who you can build. More than the monetary aspects, it is about building contacts and have good public relations. You must keep in touch with the bloggers and come to each other’s benefit. This not only aids your business but also improves relationships at a professional level.

Best blogger outreach tools you must use

Apart from going through the manual aspects where you need to build contact and connect to people, you need tools. In this case, there are tools for blogger outreach that can ease out the process you work in. Check out the following tools that can help:

  1. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo helps you research good titles for blog posts, checks how well your content is performing online, and more. It is also one of the tools that help you concentrate on a niche – for example, content marketing. Once you search and find a popular content, you can reach out in the right way and introduce yourself to make a pitch. It can be guest blogs or links, and so on. It helps you filter types with brands, influencers, location, content, social shares, and more. You can use it easily and find the right approach to communicate with influencers.

  1. Traackr

Traackr helps you build a strong public relationship with bloggers and influencers. It offers an Influencer Management Platform where you can discover the right influencer, manage a relationship, check their impact on your business, and more. Traackr reduces the time blogger outreach might actually take you if you don’t use such tools. It lets you get ‘to the point’ really quick. It helps you track a conversation, helps import contacts, and give you various filters to reach to the right people.

  1. Tomoson

It is pretty obvious that you need some time to reach the top of your space. Tomoson works for you if you want to reach heights in less time. It isn’t one of the traditional tools for blogger outreach but still helps communicate with influencers easily. You can simply find the type of influencer you need by searching at the ‘Find Influencers’ tab. You will redirect to a page that allows you to start off with your search. You can type ‘beauty’ and you will get people who talk about beauty and influence people. It gives you complete details about the influencer’s reach in terms of social media, website, and so on.

  1. PitchBox

PitchBox helps you eliminate the finer details that slow down your blogger outreach process. It helps you cater to the right time, energy and lets you create connections and discuss partnerships with best influencers in the world of the search engine.

PitchBox comes with many features like:

  • It helps you target your niche
  • Gives you the possibility of scalable outreach with the help of templates
  • It automates follow-up and you don’t need additional tools for that
  • Integrates email clients and helps manage all that through PitchBox. This keeps the process and approach organized.
  • Provides you a relationship manager who bring all the information together and gives you the total record of activity
  • It also reports about the improvements

You will take some time to get used to PitchBox, but it might be all that you need! The features are great and will give you quality results with time. It maximizes the process of guest blogging, influencer searching, and aids blogger outreach in an overall.

  1. BuzzStream

BuzzStream is yet another place where you get influencers, get relationship managers, and so on. It is not unlike the other tools you found on this list. However, it has a comparatively large customer base and more and more people rely on this.

You can browse the search engine, get fresh bloggers, go onto their social media platforms, and know about them. It is an effective option that saves times and lets you get through to the right people.

BuzzStream is much automated and works well for people who are not much tech-savvy. It scours every website, discovers and records contact information, checks social traffic and metrics, and more. If you have spent hours on blogger outreach but couldn’t find anything fruitful, you should turn to BuzzStream.

There are many blogger outreach agencies offering blogger outreach services. You can also turn to them and not waste more time online. They are experts who can help you reach out to the right people, curate your content, and post them in places that’ll give you recognition. Choosing this will help you concentrate more on other aspects of your business.

The requirement of blogger outreach is increasing every day and you will need such an aid at some point. It is a smarter way of promoting what you do or what you sell and saves money compared to advertisements. You simply need to have the right approach, connect to the right people, and spread the right words. We hope this post has helped you clear all your doubts about blogger outreach. Now you can start off with this approach and gain quality consumers for your products and services.

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