Legitimate Ways to Get White-Hat Links For SEO with Blogger outreach

Legitimate Ways to Get White-Hat Links For SEO with Blogger outreach

by Ray July. 09, 18 3 Comments

SEO is a discipline that cannot be ignored. It has its significance; however, when it comes to its integrity, it can be further divided into main categories – white hat and black hat. Some people choose black hat SEO because it is one of the fastest ways to achieve search engine rankings; however, white hat SEO is all about conforming the standard guidelines of Google.

In fact, according to online marketing evangelists white hat SEO refers to any practice that improves search rankings of a website on a search engine results page (SERP) while maintaining the overall integrity of your site and staying within the search engines’ terms of service.

In other words, white hat SEO is a strategic term that is not a single term, but a comprehensive umbrella term that includes providing relevant and quality content and services, improved loading times of a website and mobile-friendliness. In fact, it also involves usage of descriptive, keyword-rich meta tags. In addition, it also encapsulates making a website as easy as possible to navigate. All these terms describes only one thing that the website should be both user and search engine friendly.

However, here, it must be noted that white hat link building in SEO is somewhat hard and tough to evaluate. It is done in a tactical way, which businesses can’t afford. But it produces amazing results that cannot be matched or challenged.

But if you want to build links by using white hat link building, you should focus on various aspects that are the integral part of SEO. One of the finest aspects of white hat link building is Blogger Outreach.

The basic concept behind Blogger Outreach is to reach out to blogs in your specific niche. Of course, it is somewhat time consuming and exhaustive task, but can result in absolute success; however, for that, you need to write a relevant, factual, informative as well as valuable article that can improve the overall knowledge of the users and should be worth enough to get published on a blog. It is a great way to build a solid backlink for online marketing professionals.

Of course, besides getting a solid backlink, there are many other benefits, such as –

• A great in-content link
• Organic traffic
• Better search engine rankings.

Of course, this may sound critical, but reaching to quality and authoritative sites can make a huge difference and can produce unmatched results. This type of work and results are liked and appreciated by clients of almost all types and industries alike.

Now the question is how to do it- right? So, here is the detailed explanation that can improve your knowledge as well as skills as well. Let’s keep it in bullets to help you understand more deeply.

This process is not only critical, it is crucial to the overall online success.

• Develop a relevant and factual piece of content.

It is a great part and can produce results in an effective way. Besides that it is much more faster and easier. All you need to do is to create a research based content that is link worthy and can attracts the maximum number of eyeballs. Remember, it should be valuable and improve the knowledge of visitors.

Here are a few examples –

• 21 Ways to create epic content.
• Guide to Google penalties.
• History of Algorithms and there protocols.

• Find potential targets

At this time, you are required to find the potential targets. Of course, you need to invest your time in manually searching for the targets.

You can do this by manually googling and using the following search operators:
keyword + “guest blog”, keyword + “guest blogger” , etc.

• Check a Domain Authority

Today, there are many tools to check Domain Authority; however, you can use the best – Moz Domain Authority from Open Site Explorer. Of course, you also need to apply your own mind and check out the DA10, DA20, etc as per your requirements.

• Contact the editor

Now is the time to contact the editor after deeply analyzing the website. Also make sure it is credible and authoritative website rather than a piece of mess. You need to read terms, conditions, protocols, website’s content and also focus on the overall UX of the website.

After that, it is time to contact the editor of the website so that they accept your request and get your blog post or article published on their website. Make sure they agree with you invite your posts.

• Write a relevant article and include links

Here it makes sense to understand the requirements of the site owner and make an article accordingly. You’ll can add relevant sources to make it look good and credible at the same time. But make sure, it should be spammy in any sense.

Some editors never entertain article that are SEO driven; hence, make sure your article is perfectly fine and up to date. Also make sure you add natural links across the website. There is no need to waste your time in adding unnecessary details to create an authentic article.

Never ignore proofreading since it is the final step that must be taken before a document can be considered complete. Here are a few things to consider – When proofreading, first read the stuff carefully to identify whether or not it communicates its message. If the introductory sentences do not clearly signal the intent or do not have natural flow, rewrite those parts.

• Get the post published

Here is the simplicity; submit your stuff to the editor. Make sure there could be several revisions that need to be made in order to make it perfect.

Bingo, this is all about the process to have a solid backlink. In this way, you can improve the credibility as well as ranking of your website and make it a real asset. It will also attract extensive traffic to your website as well, which will eventually improve your business growth and profitability.

This process could be the key component of your campaign; so take it as an opportunity to improve your site’s authority and traffic and make it competitive as well.

At the end of the day a website need backlinks that serve as an enabler to the overall online business transformation. It may gear up your business for unbridled success.

Happy backlinking…

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