How to Promote Vape Shop Online and Double Your Sales

How to Promote Vape Shop Online and Double Your Sales

by Ray August. 10, 17 3 Comments

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Vape juice and vape equipment are ruling the roost as more and more people are choosing them as the alternative to smoking because of their unprecedented benefits. Hence, it comes as no surprise that a great number companies are coming forward to sell their products online.

Vape industry constraints…

They are investing in creating high-quality and responsive websites to sell products and attract as much customers as possible. However, when it comes to online promotion and marketing; they often lag behind and fail to hit the bull’s eye because of certain constraints.

Inflicted restrictions…

In fact, the whole vape juice and vape equipment industry is under pressure as they are unable to compete with the top players because of the restrictions inflicted by the Google under its prohibition policy of not promoting or supporting “products designed to simulate tobacco smoking, including electronic or e cigarettes”. As a result, the industry is under trouble to improve their growth and accelerate their revenues.

Consistent increase in the volume of keywords…

However, people are significantly searching Vape juice and vape equipment online, which is consistently increasing the volume of related keywords or key phrases. In fact, it must also be noted that at this juncture the industry cannot claim the health benefits of vaping, which is also a huge setback.

So, now the question is, is it impossible to promote a business dealing in Vape juice and vape equipment or electronic or e cigarettes. The answer is, there is a ray of hope at the end of the tunnel. All business owners need is stay calm and patient and believe in the unprecedented power, potential and robustness of the SEO industry, which is one of the most effective medium of website promotion.

Power of SEO…

It has its own unmatched advantages that cannot be challenged at any cost. Firm believes in SEO as well as online marketing evangelists understand the limitations of the industry, but still hopeful that they can make it happened and with the help of SEO tools, techniques and broad strategies, they can bring the industry in limelight.

They also understand that PPC cannot extend its help towards the industry, but still they can utilize the power and efficacy of SEO to achieve the set objectives. That is why, they recommend using both long-tail and short-tail keywords to optimise the content and attract as many people as possible to their online stores. In fact, proper use of link building tactics can also make a huge and noticeable difference.

So, if you have a website, you must look to invest your time and efforts in SEO. You also need to focus on devising a well-planned strategy, execution and efforts to achieve huge gains that cannot be even imagined.  According to a report, SEO has the ability to increase website’s visibility, rank, traffic, conversion rates as well as overall sales of an online store, which is a big advantage for the  electronic or e cigarettes industry.

Optimisation is the key

As it clear that Google’s advertising policies will not help the industry anymore, now the next best and effective option is SEO, which is mandatory to improve business growth.

The vape industry is also growing at an unprecedented rate, which is showed by the consistent rise in the searches, which is expected to rise even more by the end of this year – 2017.

Hence, in a nutshell, as a vape business owner, it is more than important to properly optimise your website to gain success.

If you have thousands of products, you need to optimise almost all pages to make them look relevant.

Next, you also need to optimise images, URL as well as make them static for unprecedented gains.

Develop irresistible content…

As we cannot harness the potential of Google advertising for vape business, it is prudent to use content marketing as a weapon. AS a vape business owner, you must focus on creating quality content, description and other promotional material.

Arguably, content is one of the most incredible component that can help a business to achieve success. According to a study, businesses that blog attracts and engages more customers as well as improve their ROI. 

Write useful and informative blog posts …

Hence, you should endeavor to write useful and informative blog posts as well as vape product descriptions to educate and inform your customers. You should also make your content rich in facts and figures (industrial statistics) to increase authority of your business.  

In short, as a vape business owner you must endeavor to engage with your audience, the content has to be relevant, and maybe even descriptive. If you’re stuck for ideas, think about what makes your business/products unique and what would appeal to your audience as a whole.

In fact, constantly ask yourself questions like; what do my customers want, would this blog post work? and you’ll see a stronger return on your investment. 

Next, for better results, you also need to focus on commercial keywords because they lead to revenue as well as improve business image. Note – The key to success is always having the right content to engage your widely distributed audiences.

Go for Email Marketing…

After producing and distributing content at a wider level, you also need to focus on email marketing, which is yet another game changer and take your content marketing to a new level of excellence.

No doubt, email marketing is the finest method to generate and nurture leads specially if you are into vape business. It is not only cost-effective means of direct communication, but also allow business owners to exhibit their product features in an interactive as well as personalised way. However, there are still some business owners that believe that it is of no use, but reality is something different.

Being a vape business owner, all you need to do is to provide complete information about your vape flavors, refills, etc. in order to improve the awareness of your customers. You can also use it to announce new products or communicating a new business information.

The power of Email Marketing and its ability to increase conversion is huge and can’t be neglected. In fact, it has enormous possibilities for vape businesses.

However, for better yields, it must be noted that these are more elements that can improve your efforts, such as:  

Design quality Opt-In Forms – For the desired yields, you need to insert an opt-in form and link it to a mailing list. Whether you use an automated email marketing software or perform it manually, you need to make use of attractive and sensible opt-in forms that can attract and convert users. It is one of the most productive ways to engage users and establish long term relationship with them.

Keep your customers happy – If you want to consistently grow your email list and keep your customers cheerful, you need to give decent discounts, printable coupons and exciting offers. It is a good way to retain customers and enhance their interest in your product and brand.

Of course, there is no thumb rule, however, it is always better to provide your own products in order to promote them in a health manner. The best thing it will not cost you fortune, but improve your relationship nothing else.

Offer something valuable– If you want to reap long-term benefits, you need to provide something invaluable to your subscribers. It could be any industry news, product related news or update or even analysis, which can improve the overall understanding of users and influence their decision making capacity.

In fact, fresh content, crisp images, sweet subject lines as well as embedded videos can help you to win the race.

Whatever the method you choose, increasing brand awareness and building positive relationships should be your top priorities.

Video marketing…

Believe it or not, videos are gaining huge momentum across the web and engaging people like never before. That is why YouTube has become one of the most significant search engines. Means, if you are not using it for your business promotion, you are missing a great opportunity.

Fortunately, video marketing doesn’t always require a huge budget or deep technical expertise. It is easy to use, which means it’s a cost effective as well and can convey your message to audiences in real time.

As a vape business business owner, you should use video marketing to gain benefits.

The best thing is you can produce a channel and share videos on social media for utmost visibility as well as brand image.

It will eventually build up your brand’s visibility as well as authenticity, which is a primary factor when it comes to gaining top rankings on search engines.

However, if the quality of your video is poor, it may end up doing your business more harm than good.

It also wipes out the confusion that the business or brand is fake or generating profit from unfair means. Hence, you must take initiatives to improve the visibility of your website as well as kindle interest among vape users with the help of  video production.

Social media

Social media is the need of the hour and the life blood of businesses. It has the ability to improve the overall communication process and augment it with better and advanced features that were not possible previously.

As a vape business owner, whatever the products you have, you must promote them on different social channels.

Next, you need to create content according to the channel and share relevant images.

You should also promote your brand through story telling, which is a great way to engage users.

It must be noted that an effective social media campaign can take a website to a whole new level of excellence. It will not only redefine your brand image, but also help you to establish relationship with customers. 

So, if are into vape business, you must promote your products on social media channels. And if done right, multiple social platforms can offer a big way to engage with your audience.

It also helps to increase brand awareness and ultimate exposure as people like to share interesting stuff. 

However, you need to devise a strong strategy for each channel for critical advantage.

Bottom line:

Easier said than done. Unquestionably, vaping industry is extremely tough and compe

titive, and it could be a huge challenge to strike the right balance; however, if you keep your approach steady and measurable, you may win the game.

It is also advisable to focus on quality over quantity. And evaluate success at each step. Online channels are measurable, you can track traffic, page reads, open rates, etc. so, take advantage of these elements to stay ahead…

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