SEO Case Study

SEO Case Study

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As a full-service digital marketing agency, we get clients asking us to rank their websites on the top spots on Google and other search engines. With years of proven expertise and experience in the domain, we craft a tailor-made plan for every business after critically analyzing its website, sales channel, USPs, industry trends, saturation level and online reputation, among other factors.

After we have designed a critique, we factor in the client’s expectations and build a marketing blueprint that we adhere to. Finally, we match our results against the client’s expectations and improvise on our strategies if there’s a lacuna.

Case Study

We present the case of Bunyan.qa, a directory website that operates in Qatar. Essentially, yellow pages.

When Bunyan.qa entered into an arrangement with us, it had already been in the space for years. However, our first audit of its business and intellectual properties gave us some critical actionable insights. We found immense potential (untapped, though) and believed that Bunyan.ca could scale to new heights given the right direction and proper direction channeling its resources (money, basically).

From a digital marketing industry with perspective, we analyzed different factors in the factual matrix. As a result, we concluded that bunyan.ca needs constant organic traffic on its website, which will ultimately be leveraged into a very positive online reputation.

We chose this course over paid media because bunyan.ca didn’t have any offering of its own; therefore, performance metrics like ROAS would never have been satisfactory.

Sanitization Issues

Starting from the basics, we did a site audit, and much to our surprise, there were more sanitization issues than we had thought.

Internal navigation was poor, lengthy and meticulous URLs, and robots.txt errors were present, among other technical glitches.

The site map wasn’t submitted to the Google search console either, and Meta tags and descriptions weren’t click-baiting enough to increase the CTR.

Link Building

As digital marketing specialists, we can never emphasize enough the importance of link building, both inbound and third party.

Firstly, we focussed on inbound links and linked our homepage to various URLs within the website, eyeing two things.

First, creating a rich User Experience; Second, signalling out to Google what our website is about so that the pages get indexed correctly and that they start to show in search results when a user puts relevant queries.

As we said, we figured out that optimal online reputation was essential for a website like buyan.qa to garner more an =d more users, so we searched for guest posting opportunities on websites with solid relevance to bunyan.ca and successfully landed where we intended to.

                           Building digital presence

Keyword Research with a perspective

This was achieved only after thorough keyword research where we found unclaimed fortunes, i.e. keywords with high search volumes and low keyword difficulty. So we grabbed the opportunity in a flash, believing we may get the first mover advantage and entice the users by targeting such keywords.

                                   Finding untapped potential

Methodical Aggression

Qatar, as we all know, will be hosting FIFA World Cup 2022 these winters. So it is natural that businesses across the globe will be looking to set up offshore companies to scale and discover new possibilities.

We started to capitalize on areas where our completion lagged, giving us decent momentum to build a massive digital presence and garner fresh leads.

Another facet of getting 3rd party backlinks is the intention to harvest link juice by fetching do–follow backlinks from various sites of high Domain Authority so that Google looks at us favorably and gets a boost in our search engine rankings.

     Snap of a guest post on Urban platter

Precision in Execution

Execution is nothing without proper follow-ups. Simply executing a strategy without measuring its accuracy and progress and taking the needed actions after finding lacunae is like shooting in the dark.

We were on our toes the whole time and statistically monitored our execution every step of the way.

Backlink Analysis

Seasoned & Crafty sails the boat

As a digital marketing agency, we can never dwell on past glories; what good are we if we can never serve our clients well?

Every time a client comes on board, we have to methodically analyse its situation and craft a strategy that would produce sustainable results to bolster its bottom line.

Experience comes into play when you analyse a situation correctly, and that analysis produces actionable insights. Moreover, those insights have great results with scientific temper and marketing prowess.

Bulls Eye

Keyword Rankings

We started achieving the milestones that we set out to achieve. We design our strategies with reason; therefore, we aren’t afraid of small potholes along the way. They say that if you have fortified your walls strong enough, you will never tumble down in the face of the storm.

That is what we do for our clients, we fortify their business organically, and quite often, it leads to conquering new avenues.

Last 3 months Traffic

SEO is not the flash in the pan

Unlike paid advertising, SEO strategies are sustainable and bear fruitful results long after implementation. However, most businesses get deterred and furious because SEO seems to harness no momentum in the initial phase, and they give up on the process, putting all their efforts to doom.

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