Website Traffic Increased from 250 visit to 1500 per month for Killem Pest


Website Traffic Increased from 250 visit to 1500 per month for Killem Pest


May. 23, 17


Killem Pest offers an integrated, eco-friendly approach to pest management in Singapore.

killim-localKillem Pest offers an integrated, eco-friendly approach to pest management in Singapore. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, they have developed proven techniques and methods to provide pest control solutions for classic household pests such as ants, mosquitoes, mice, rodents, bed bugs and cockroaches as well as potentially dangerous pests such as snakes, spiders, bees, hornets and wasps. Whether it is your home, office or workplace, they can help keep you safe and free of pest infestations.

 Initial Status –

The company also had a fast, intuitive and decent website with particular sections, content and other necessary design elements. However, the client – Killem Pest was not happy with the performance of the website. In fact, he was also looking for local prominence, which the site was failed to acquire As a result, they hired us. We have the knowledge, expertise as well as skills to provide tangible solutions.

Work Done –

Our team established timelines for the project so that we can show results in a given timeframe. We designated the tasks based on the technical and contextual expertise. Our team of SEO analysts, digital marketing experts and technical people developed a solution to gain steady rankings. We included every possible element to make the website user and search engine friendly.

Our Methodology (phase 1):
  • Optimized website pages
  • Optimized Alt tags and headings
  • Fixed the heading tag hierarchy
  • Optimized the content of the website
  • Implemented all SEO standard stuff including – Sitemaps, Noodp, Noydir etc.
  • Fixed orphan pages issue
  • Fixed broken links and looked for resource pages
  • Recommended to fix page load time issue
  • Created a blog section on the website that help the website to regularly receive the unique content.
  • Continually promoted unique blog on the website’s blog section.
Our Methodology (phase 2):

We have also submitted our site’s to these powerful and productive websites in order to create quality backlinks:

Social Bookmarking Sites

Local Listing Sites

Business Listing Sites

video/Image/photo Sharing Sites

Document Sharing Sites

killem backlink status

Our Methodology (phase 3):

Social media reach

Community engagement

Guest blogging

Targeted link building

Our team successfully performed all the above activities on-page and off-page as well as local marketing to get the desired results. We used well-known tools, techniques, and approaches to attain our set goals.

As a result, after the implementation of our SEO recommendations, the website started performing well. We saw increased local and global rankings and traffic.

Results  –

Our team achieved the objectives and improved the overall visibility, and usefulness of the website (Killem Pest ) as expected. It was possible due to the consistent efforts and experience.

killem rankThe following given figures speak for themselves.

Major project accomplishments –
  • Around 28 organic keywords are ranking on the web
  • Website traffic increased from 250 visit per month to 1500 per month

As a part of an ongoing optimization program, we continue to provide SEO recommendations to manage the SEO program for improved traffic and visibility.

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