White Label PPC Services

White Label



Our white label PPC reseller program is open for all; it is tailored specially for PPC management companies, SEO agencies, web design, and hosting companies that either lack PPC management professionals in-house, or firms and individuals trying to fulfill their clients progressing demand. If you want to sell PPC services like a PRO without investing cash and time in the attainment, we would be the perfect choice for you.


Besides PPC, we also offer fully regulated white label SEO campaigns, link building, copywriting, and many more. Let’s chat today to learn how we can increase your productivity, thus multiply your revenue.

PPC Reporting Tools and Dashboards

We offer industry-leading reporting tools and client dashboards for both the reseller partners and retail clients to assess our work’s impact. Our powerful PPC reports and dashboards are stunningly concise to provide your clients with the metrics and KPI they need to evaluate their campaign’s progress, tasks, deadline, download reports, and more. 

White Label PPC Campaigns Across Platforms

We have vast experience with Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords), with expertise in both Display Network and Search Network. Being one of the premier eCommerce agencies in the US, we also pride ourselves calling Google Shopping experts.

How is client communication handled?

We understand that every client’s needs and requirements are different.


From our experience, it’s best to have a layer between our team and the client as it empowers you to keep complete control in interactions. Our team members can work directly with your account managers to access all of the necessary information about your client’s PPC campaigns and walk them through the process; also, provide answers during day to day communication with your clients.


We understand that it might not be possible for every agency. So outside of the perfect case scenario, our team will use their years of experience working with various companies to carefully represent our partner’s brands during client interactions.


We have profound experience in administering campaigns, and more importantly, offering white label Adwords management services. There are plenty of top companies that can manage ad campaigns, but very few can handle the communications and delicate client relationships with a white-label service offering.

PPC agency relationship problems & Our Solutions

The first and foremost concern of working with a PPC agency is the security of your data and login credentials. To eliminate our client’s skepticism, we maintain bank-level data encryption. We will only ask for access to the data that are required for proper reporting and tracking. We build a completely transparent process by coaching you through every step that we take.

Several companies make ridiculous promises, like for a certain amount of leads or revenue in return based on your budget. The truth is the creator of Google Ads himself couldn’t guarantee anything once your ads go up. On the contrary, we promise that we will be applying our previous successful campaign experiences to get you the best possible result.

Displaying outdated case studies could be another warning sign of a possible relationship problem between a PPC agency and a client. The paid media industry is one of the fastest moving digital marketing segment, which is ever-changing. We believe in diving deep into our client’s specific industry and getting enlightened as much as possible before promising them a result to avoid future conflict.

Once we run a campaign for our client, we believe pointing out the stuff that didn’t go well is even more important than highlighting the success stories only. That will leave us a massive ground for improvement and help us turn it into a more significant success. For us, the ‘Secret Sauce’ is to speak honestly and candidly with our clients to establish a learning environment and grow together.

Unlike most companies that function as a vendor, we consider ourselves an extension of your team. We work as your partner all the way; we discuss your business goals and milestones to achieve and come up with bulletproof strategies together to hit those goals. Bottom line, we thrive for a real and authentic partnership, which is not just transactional.

Ready for the


Paid Media Starter

(Ideal for businesses that want to appear on search results and get instant traffic.)

Google or Facebook Search

Keyword Research
PPC Ads Creation
Google Tag Manager Setup
Bid Optimisations
White-Label PPC Reports



Paid Media Mix

(Ideal for businesses that want to convert more leads and strong online presence)

Search, Display & Remarketing

Everything starter Package
A/B Testing
Goal Creation & Conversion Tracking
Call Tracking



Paid Media All-In

(Drive more leads with the right messaging for the right audience.)

Search, Facebook Display & Remarketing Ads

Everything Paid Media Mix
Monitoring Traffic & CTR
Youtube Ads & Google Shopping
Landing Page Creation
Custom Display Ads



Custom Paid Campaign

(Ideal for Large businesses that want to established their brands)

Combination of Powerful Ads in Different Platforms

Everything in All in One
High Scale Branding Campaign
Conversion & Call Tracking/Recording Google Shopping Ads
Reporting Dashboard








An SEO program is more of a value play that can take months to deliver results. However, once apprehended, the payout can be enormous. Generally, a reasonable timeframe to start seeing significant ranking shift is anywhere from 1-3 months. The first-page ranking estimate is for 6-8 months. For competing markets, it is 8-12 months. Our team will assess each SEO project during keyword analysis.

Our white label reseller program is absolute for consultants, companies, and associates who want to experience a substantial advancement in Google’s rankings. We love talking to our partners first to discover their goals and requirements and then tailor the best package.

Never sold SEO? Don’t have any SEO Knowledge? It doesn’t matter! With our reseller training, management dashboard, and proposal generator, you can sell SEO like a pro. Just sign up for the reseller program, and our dedicated reseller manager will walk you through the process.