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About 236% of companies with more tabulated web pages on their websites get 200% more leads! Besides, businesses that have websites get six times more leads than those without websites!

The above statistics from authentic industry sources imply the value of website design and development in today’s digital marketing era! If you are a website design firm looking to expand your business or you dont provide website design as a part of your services, you’ve come in the right direction! Decorating your business doesn’t have to be extravagant or critical.

Zevahit has designed a complete White Label Website Design Partnership Program that will work as a brand-new division for your business. We have boundless experience working with plenty of agencies over the years and globally, including website designing, website development, and website marketing.

Resolving Issues Beforehand That We Know Might Hinder Your Client's Peace Of Mind

  • Usability: Believing that user-friendliness is a crucial factor for websites, we make sure visitors can easily navigate the client’s webpage. Also, we make sure all the products and services are simple to find by potential customers.

  • Convenience: Accessibility is a super important measure that we maintain to draw out any possible issue regarding the kinds of devices that can reach the website. It is never enough to have a good experience navigating your site with a smartphone, a desktop, or a laptop. Users must also have a pleasant experience operating your site from a smaller screen or any device that is not a desktop or laptop computer. Accessibility also considers devices that may be used by vision- or deaf and hard of hearing visitors.


  • SEO: Certain website features can help SEO; others can be lethal if not managed correctly. Even such essential features as a site-based search engine, shopping cart, or blog can cause SEO implications, depending upon how it is structured.


  • Assurance: Security these days is the utmost concern and priority for both users and companies. We make sure that your webpage is shielded to protect the information collected from your site visitors. You also need to regularly secure your site against hackers, malware, and related threats. Zevahit considers this need for security.

Features That Make Us

Stand out

Receptive Webdesign

All websites designed by Zevahit are developed employing responsive web design. In other words, Zevahit optimizes your websites for browsing on all screen sizes and devices, including phones and tablets.

Custom Design

Zevahit originates remarkable, custom-designs without using templates. Our award-winning team of acknowledged designers will work with your company to formulate a custom web design that meets your client’s website goals and suits the brand.

User-friendly CMS

Zevahit is skilled with all of the major CMS and shopping cart platforms, that includes WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify, Onveos, Magento, BigCommerce, and many more.

White Label SEM Service

The True Beauty of Zevahit is that we are not only confined to white-labeled web design services, but we also offer White Label SEO and White Label PPC programs.

Bulk Pricing

The more business you bring to Zevahit, the less you spend. Our incredible discounts for bulk Webdesign and development are what makes us one of the Premier providers in our demographic.

Together We Stand

As a Website development firm that only assists other businesses, we consider our clients as partners. We have toured the offices of most of our existing partners that rely on us for advancement. We only count on long term involvement instead of a one time venture.


You can always take pride in operating with us, but we don’t anticipate any credit. White label web development is what we are best at doing; We provide a wholly branded client communications portal that will enable us to interact with your clients throughout the process. Within this communications portal, all email contact is stamped. The reports we send will have your logo on them; also, we are 100% under your brand name while talking over the phone.

Ready for the


Basic Web Design

(Ideal for New Small Local Service)


Upto 5 Page Creation
Based on WordPress
Free Stock Images
SEO-Ready Features
Mobile Responsive



Web Design + Content

(Ideal for New Small Local Service)


Upto 10 Page Creation
Content Creation
Premium Stock Images
Including Logo
20+ Designs



E-Commerce Design

(Ideal for Niche Products Business)


Default ECommerce Features
Upto 10 Products
1 Payment Integration
Logo Design
3 Month Free Support



Advance Ecommerce

(Ideal for Large Products Business)


Advance Ecommerce Features
Unlimited Products
Multi Lingual-Multi Currency
Fast Checkout
Powerful eCommerce Marketing Suite








Our White Label Website Design Services are appropriate for offering high-end web services to their clients. The program is perfect for Website Design Companies; Website Development Agencies; Hosting companies; Digital Marketing Consultants; Webmasters; Advertising Firms; Public Relations Agencies, et cetera.

You are correct! All of the services we offer are available for resellers. Please feel free to Browse our partnerships page to see a list of all White Label Digital Marketing Services provided by Zevahit.

Absolutely! We are gratified to propose some of the most lucrative reseller discounts and incentivization programs. Contact us today for more details!